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Research Scientist(RTB/NLP)

Pune, India

About Knorex

Founded in 2009, Knorex ( is a technology company that provides programmatic advertising products and solutions to marketers to connect in real-time to their desired audience worldwide. Through its flagship universal marketing platform, Knorex XPO unifies the connectivity to each of the major marketing channels including social media, search, connected TVs/OTTs, video, audio, display/native, and email, in one place, while simplifying execution and optimization across these channels through AI automation. Knorex operates across the US and APAC.

Why Knorex

We are constantly on the lookout to recruit the best and the brightest - from engineering to sales to account management to operations and HR.

Knorex offers you many different opportunities to scale your ambition and creativity far and beyond. We embrace a dynamic and pragmatic way of doing things, setting ourselves up for long term achievement yet relentlessly focused on delivering the short term goals. If you love the joy of building stuffs and seeing them grow, growing yourself and others in the process, and challenging yourself to do stuffs that you once thought impossible, we invite you to explore a career with us.

What Knorex offers

  • You will have the advance to influence and drive the changes, at Knorex we welcome good ideas and accept any possibility to make our company great.
  • We offer great learning opportunities, you will have exposure in cutting edge performance marketing and advertising technology.
  • We offer competitive salary package that is above the market rate, such as W3F (Work, Wellbeing, Welfare) Fund for courses, materials, personal health and wellbeing.
  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage.
  • Ample opportunities to grow while the company is fast growing and expanding.
  • Opportunity to work cross-country and with variety of projects of a different nature.
  • Challenging and exciting problems that await you to solve.

Knorex Core Values

  • Passion & Excellence : Be passionate, take interest in and care about what, how, why you do something. Keep improving to best what you have delivered and achieved. Always be finding ways to deliver the best for our customers, staff & partners! Inspect what you expect! Ask ask ask to dig to the core of an issue/problem, discover and figure things out, anticipate and prepare.
  • Trust & Respect : Build trust with people around you. Be honest, fair and open. Be trustworthy. Communicate, communicate, and communicate and then deliver or follow through. Respect all individuals and their roles; everyone matters.
  • Integrity & Accountability : Think and act for long term, do the right thing, be ethical and don't take shortcuts. Take charge & invent solutions not excuses. Never skirt a responsibility. Be a leader!
  • Self-initiative & Resourceful : Take initiative, don't wait for things to happen, find all kinds of ways to make things happen!
  • Resilience & Grit : Adopt the Growth mindset! Be adaptive and pursue with the relentlessness, focus and perseverance towards your goals, something that you believe in, don't give up! Don't set up self-defeating barrier even before you begin! And if you fail or you experience a setback or times are tough, it's OK! Hunker down, regroup, adapt and get back up and charge again!

Key Responsibilities

In this role, you will be expected to possess solid experience in applying machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques to build highly accurate models. You need to acquire a deep technical understanding of the platform, and work with other team members to ensure the timely delivery of the planned tasks and critically assess and monitor the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the models.

• Work as part of our research and prototyping (R&P) team to solve challenging engineering tasks specifically relating to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text mining
• Collaborate with other teams to transform technologies, research work into prototypes or customer products
• Work with other members to integrate research deliverables into existing systems
• Evaluate and identify new technologies for prototyping
• Evaluate feedback and challenging issues gathered by the business and technical teams and transform them into tractable problems to resolve.
• Prioritize tasks to meet multiple deadlines.


• Strong programming skills in both scripting and object oriented languages (e.g. Python, Java, ...)
• Solid understanding of machine learning and/or natural language processing techniques. Knowledge of deep learning is a plus
• Practical experience with NLP / ML toolkits and frameworks is a plus
• Pick up new technology or new concepts fast, excellent problem solving skill
• Able to communicate reasonably well in written and spoken English
• Candidate must possess at least Degree or Diploma in any field, preferably computer science / IT related. Would be a plus if you have had past research experience.
• At least 2 - 5 years of working experience
• Able to work independently as well as in collaborative mode with minimum supervision
• Willingness to learn and apply to ideas
• Good process management and excellent follow-through.
• Work productively even under pressure
• Possess good work ethic and attitude


  • Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage
  • Personal Development Fund for courses and materials.
  • Ample opportunities to grow. You get to propose your own ideas and see it through.
  • Work with passionate, talented and driven colleagues who get things done
  • Cross-country teams with passionate, talented and driven colleagues.
  • Challenging and exciting problems that await you to solve.
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