Figure is hiring a

Perception / Computer Vision Software Engineer

Sunnyvale, United States

Figure is a stealth AI Robotics company developing a general purpose humanoid. Our Humanoid is designed for corporate tasks targeting labor shortages and jobs that are undesirable or unsafe. We are based in Sunnyvale, CA and require 5 days/week in-office collaboration. It’s time to build.

Figure’s vision is to deploy autonomous humanoids at a global scale. Our AI team is looking for Perception / Computer Vision Software Engineers to empower Figure humanoid robots to see and understand the complex world that we will share with them.


  • Design, implement, test, and deploy machine learning algorithms and deep neural network architectures for object identification, object pose estimation, scene reconstruction and/or geometric shape completion
  • Train deep learning models using real and digital twin data to achieve robust perception in challenging conditions, such as poor lighting and cluttered scenes
  • Evaluate potential perception solutions and make design trade offs and decisions based on robot requirements
  • Develop and use modern software engineering techniques to implement high quality, well-tested software
  • Engineer and ship high quality, reliable software that will be deployed to the real world
  • Collaborate with other Figure team members to select sensors and determine their placement and to develop and implement a full autonomy stack
  • Work with the Figure Integration and Test team to evaluate and continuously improve your perception software


  • Experience implementing, testing, and deploying perception solutions in C++ and/or Python on real robots
  • Extensive experience with deep learning frameworks and tools, such as TensorFLow, PyTorch, TensorRt, and/or ONNX
  • Experience training and deploying neural networks on real hardware
  • Capable of quickly writing massive amounts of high quality, well-tested, perception software
  • Possess both a theoretical understanding and have practical experience with robot perception and computer vision algorithms
  • Have a deep knowledge of state of the art techniques, data structures, and software tools
  • Thrive in a high pace environment, where solutions are often unclear and require exploration
  • Experience in robot perception

Bonus Qualifications:

  • Passionate about building humanoid robots
  • Experience with deploying real world perception solutions for commercial applications
  • Experience with GPU programming
  • Publication record of developing and deploying perception solutions
  • Experience leading a team of developers


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